KC Interior-Plan Architecture Interior Design Studio

We are a team of engineers and experienced interior architects Katarzyna and a talented artist, a student of Interior Architecture Wiktoria.

Architecture, creating and building space is our passion. The aim of our work is to create each interior in accordance with its ergonomics of usability, but above all with the expectations of its owner.

We will advise you on how to deal with architectural problems of rooms, such as: persistent small apartment, dark interior or how to build slants with a sliding wardrobe that we will design, prepare documentation, estimate and commission its implementation with assembly.

Interior design is the selection of appropriate furniture, textures, wall colors, window decorations and all small accessories and additions. Using the acquired knowledge in the field of architectural ergonomics, we will plan your space so as to make perfect use of it and create an atmosphere in which the household members will feel good, which is why we try to combine customer satisfaction with our design ideas and many years of professional experience.

We focus on the minimalism of the rooms, combining them with the appropriate style, the principle of 'less is more' is true here.

Thanks to the ability to listen to the client's needs, we create new interiors and give them a new spirit of a friendly atmosphere. Suggested design styles: Classic, English, Provencal, Art Deco, New York and Scandinavian

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